1917 - 1933, Mabel George Haig

Looking Back, 1917 – 1933

Mabel George Haig (1894 – 1977), developed as a water color artist, studying with William Lees Judson, Helena Dunlap,  Eleanor Colburn, Anna Hills, and Millard Sheets. Mabel became close friends with Anna Hills,

who cofounded the Laguna Beach Art Association with Edgar Payne in 1918.  Mabel exhibited at the Laguna Beach Art Gallery at least 28 times, beginning in 1921.  

Mabel Haig was accepted as an artist member of the California Watercolor Society in 1923. She was one of the first 20 members of the group. In 1934, She cofounded the Whittier Art Association & Gallery. The Whittier Art Gallery has been designated a historic landmark.