Looking Back, 1939 – 1945

Los Angeles Times art critic, Arthur Millier gives a positive review of the Whittier
Art Gallery’s opening night, stating,
“…a high level of intelligence and taste was needed to produce such a lovely place…”

Looking Back, 1934 – 1939

The first Whittier Art Gallery was located in a donated space on Philadelphia Street in Whittier’s business district. The gallery was located in a large downstairs room, and the Art Association provided art classes in several upstairs studio rooms.

Note: Some buildings in Whittier’s business district were empty (not being rented), due to the Great Depression.

Looking Back, 1917 – 1933

Mabel George Haig (1894 – 1977), and her husband Myron, moved to Whittier, California in 1914. Mabel pursued her art, becoming involved with the art colony in Laguna Beach. She became close friends with Anna Hills, who cofounded the Laguna Beach Art Association with Edgar Payne in 1918. Mabel exhibited at the Laguna Beach Art Gallery at least 28 times, beginning in 1921.

The Laguna Beach Art Gallery

The Laguna Beach Art Gallery opened in 1918. The gallery was managed by the Laguna Beach Art Association that formed soon after the gallery’s opening.  Edgar Payne was the Association’s first president, and Anna A. Hills, the
first vice president.